Do It For The C U L T U R E

Forget about Trump taking over the reigns in 2017, we have officially dived into a new 

  C U L T U R E !!

When the Versace rappers first stepped into the game it was hard to hang on to what they were saying.. but low and behold you can see the influence the trio has left in the game from their infectious hooks to their slowed down rap flow. The Migos closed out 2016 with their top record Bad & Boujee and received a great consign from Childish Gambino by appearing not only in Atlanta the show.. but getting the biggest cosign when Gambino named Bad & Boujee the biggest record..

Migos Dabbin On Fox 5 NY News .. Legendary


Continuing to ride the wave of their top hit Migos dropped their long awaited album CULTURE.. but not without some drama behind it.. with Migos becoming one of the biggest groups within the past year it’s only right that they perform on one of the biggest stages yet!!!  With Lady Gaga set to perform at the Super Bowl Half Time show this year it’s only right that a petition has been started to get the trio to perform.

With the Atlanta Falcons making it to the Super Bowl what better way to celebrate than having the biggest group out ATL right now shut the show down! We NEED this! We need this for our C U L T U R E !! Thus far, the petition has received more than 30,000 signatures!! C’mon what better way to celebrate at half time with a pre show performance of Future yelling out one of his hits like March Madness then going into multiple Migos hits then closing the show with a full time performance of Bad & Boujee 🤷🏽‍♂️

Migos  T-Shirt Video


Do you wanna be down with a C U L T U R E change? Hit the link at the end & sign the petition!


By Dwizzy The Legend!





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