Nicki Minaj Vs. Remy MA !!

Its Getting Hot in The Rap Game! Lets be real Legends. These two Queens have been sneak dissing each other for quite some time now. Both going for the crown , seat at the throne, H.B.I.C if u will. I don't believe the hip-hop community is bein egregious and pinning two woman against each, its all … Continue reading Nicki Minaj Vs. Remy MA !!

Migos Give Sean Kingston a Legendary Ass Whooping

Looks like Migos caught Sean Kingston lacking in Las Vegas. The 2 haven't really been beefing but Sean Kingston is very close with "Big Soulja" who had some words for Quavo Head Honcho of the Migos . Everything seemed to be cool as seen in a video below hug & smiles, wonder what got Sean … Continue reading Migos Give Sean Kingston a Legendary Ass Whooping

Watch Out For Uptown’s Own Lord Faded

  With a plethora of new artists jumping on the seen left and right it's only right that the Bronx's own Lord Faded finally stepped from behind the computer & showed us the man behind the music.     Coming straight out of the Bronx on the Uptown side known as Little Jamaica, known to … Continue reading Watch Out For Uptown’s Own Lord Faded

New Music Chance The Rapper

Chance The Legendary Rapper Breaking barriers for independent artist that was almost unheard. Chance The Rapper becomes the 1st Artist ever to win a Grammy from streams alone with the Album "Coloring Book" Chance the 3 Time Grammy winner for best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance Best New Artist truly an inspiration for all aspiring artist who feel … Continue reading New Music Chance The Rapper

2017 AllStar Weekend Wrap Up!! 

  Before we begin... let's take a moment to bow our heads in silence, as we give respect where it's needed, deserved, and missed... Ladies & gentlemen this has been the first year in over 18 years since Kobe has been out of an all-star game or all star weekend... You can CLEARLY see that … Continue reading 2017 AllStar Weekend Wrap Up!! 

Rising Harlem Legend “LA SAV”

If We Talking Savages Then We Talking LA!! New Artist goes by the name "Lenox Ave Savage". Which name really entitles the music he produces gritty,  New York, Savage!. LA from the Westside of Harlem started rapping  officially in just 2015 but has always love genuine music. Listening to Savage music grabs your ear with his punch-lines  of pain & aggression.  Now … Continue reading Rising Harlem Legend “LA SAV”

PostRain “Broke” 🤑 Produced By PakDaKid 

 Inner City Legend PostRain Straight out of the Bronx PostRain representing the GreenMeanGo Foundation premiering his latest single "Broke".  You might ask yourself in the year 2017 why would anybody wanna be broke ?  But this song  is something different. We all want more; scratching greed out of the subject, we all would like more, … Continue reading PostRain “Broke” 🤑 Produced By PakDaKid 

Beyoncé The Phenomenal Legend

It was less than a year ago that Queen Bey, our modern day female LEGEND released one of her most anticipated albums-Lemonade! This album seem to have come with Perfect timing when Black women needed that spokesperson, that front for our cries to be heard. It came at a time when every Black person was … Continue reading Beyoncé The Phenomenal Legend


Legends we have witnessed the GOAT Tom Brady. This past sunday he has solidified his spot at the top of the throne winning his fifth Superbowl Championship ring. 5 Finger Brady also has the most MVP's of any player ever in the NFL. The New England Patriots Surpassed a major deficit at one point 21-0. Brady cool … Continue reading TOM BRADY THE LEGEND