It was less than a year ago that Queen Bey, our modern day female LEGEND released one of her most anticipated albums-Lemonade! This album seem to have come with Perfect timing when Black women needed that spokesperson, that front for our cries to be heard. It came at a time when every Black person was having an internal war and felt shackled by all that was transpiring around us. I’m pretty sure watching Queen B’s performance of  Freedom as she spoke so poignantly about civil rights and injustice brought every Black soul close to tears, renewed our hopes and reminded us of how far we came as a people.

Beyoncé “Formation” Performance 2016 Superbowl


B used that album to portray modern feminism and brought across the concept of every woman’s journey of self knowledge and healing. If you were ever in a broken or abusive relationship this album was your go to- your anthem and redemption. We all as women could compare our personal lives to every detail of this album, finally the Gods had sent a LEGEND to speak for us through this melodious fashion! We needed this, we needed this in this form, to have it on repeat while we cried our hearts out but at the end of the day still feeling empowered and motivated. It taught us not be conformed or subjected to whatever a Man wants or the way he feels. Let me tell you, we were all in FORMATION!

Formation Videoshoot


Fast forward to today, B in only a way that Beyoncé could, dropped the biggest bombshell of all time. I mean the most likes on Instagram ever, once again she did it, yes she broke the internet with true Queen B fashion. The Bee-hive, including myself started buzzing, what had really just happened? After we stood in solidarity as sisters and women against men she broke the code, she left us out here in the cold looking dumb as ever singing with our ‘middle fingers in the air’ and we even told ‘that boy bye’. Yes, I told him bye with confidence, true Queen B confidence. How empowering, right? But back to the big news, our girl Bey is pregnant with TWINS!! Can you believe it? While we were out here ‘holding up’ the sisterhood she was getting busy, busy enough to be baking two in the oven at once. Yes, two not one!


But why didn’t we expect this? We were so focused on the first half of the album that we forgot to take into consideration the last few songs. Yes, she played us! After the first half was filled with glorious rage and distaste for ‘her’ unfaithful partner, she gives a little time to focus on how she was raised to value hard work and spirituality. And so she can’t give up on her man nor her marriage. Yep, the same marriage she spent her last two albums prior to celebrating *rolling eyes*… Why didn’t we realize that she was up to no good when we listened to “All Night”- that “nothing real can be threatened”. This is such a Queen B way of looking at things.

Beyoncé Lemonade Album Cover

Even though I’m filled with a multitude of emotions, I remember she is a LEGEND for a reason and why be in my feelings or care about what’s ‘real’ when her music delivers the truth we all so desperately need??!


So congratulations are in order for the Queen, Black Woman’s Redemption, the 21st century female LEGEND, our Modern day Feminist!


See you guys at the twins’ shower-now that’s LEGENDARY!! *winks*



  • GreenGirl Shae






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