Inner City Legend PostRain

Straight out of the Bronx PostRain representing the GreenMeanGo Foundation premiering his latest single “Broke”.  You might ask yourself in the year 2017 why would anybody wanna be broke ?  But this song  is something different. We all want more; scratching greed out of the subject, we all would like more, the hunger for constant progression eats away. Even throughout all accomplishments if I can’t fly to Dubai by 9 o’clock tonight I’m “Broke”.  We all been thru to the times of being down at the bottom. Talks of staying focused on the goal at task. Those Broke times can b talked about. Second verse In the lyrics he quotes “Broke as joke ain’t a damn thing funny”. Which is classic in the sense of I don’t want to laugh about being broke I want to do more. Because it’s not a joke you should always strive 2 do more.


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PostRain & The “GreenMeanGo” Crew have been circulating the underground for some time dropping 3 mixtapes numerous amount of videos. Also various shows , merchandise as well as things for the local community such as studio time , workshops , events and talent development programs with other talents not jus pertaining to music.


Check Out PostRain The Legend Performing “Broke” at Hunter College In NYC . Pretty Dope!


Broke is Now Available On #ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Others Check The Links Legends rather than the usual 99 cents this single is brought 2 you for only 69 cents Free Streaming for subscribed Legends. We Broke Baby!

#ITunes #AppleMusic – PostRain Broke X Produced By PakdaKid

#GooglePlay – PostRain Broke X Produced by PakdaKid

#Spotify – PostRain Broke X Produced by PakdaKid

#Amazon – PostRain Broke X Produced By PakdaKid

@PostRainTheLegend #IG

@PostRainOnaHoe #Twitter






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