Inner City Legend PostRain

Straight out of the Bronx PostRain representing the GreenMeanGo Foundation premiering his latest single “Broke”.¬† You might ask yourself in the year 2017 why would anybody wanna be broke ?¬† But this song¬† is something different. We all want more; scratching greed out of the subject, we all would like more, the hunger for constant progression eats away.¬†Even throughout all accomplishments if I can’t fly to Dubai by 9 o’clock tonight I’m “Broke”.¬†¬†We¬†all been thru¬†to the times of being down at the bottom. Talks of staying focused on the goal at task. Those Broke times can b talked about. Second verse In the lyrics he quotes “Broke as joke ain’t a damn thing funny”. Which is classic¬†in the sense of I don’t want to laugh about being broke I want to do more. Because it’s not a joke you should always strive 2 do more.


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PostRain & The “GreenMeanGo” Crew have been circulating the underground for some time dropping 3 mixtapes numerous amount of videos. Also¬†various shows , merchandise¬†as well as¬†things for the local¬†community such as studio time , workshops , events and talent development programs with other talents not jus pertaining to music.


Check Out PostRain The Legend Performing “Broke” at Hunter College In NYC . Pretty Dope!


Broke is Now Available On #ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Others Check The Links Legends rather than the usual 99 cents this single is brought 2 you for only 69 cents Free Streaming for subscribed Legends. We Broke Baby!

#ITunes #AppleMusic – PostRain Broke X Produced By PakdaKid

#GooglePlay – PostRain Broke X Produced by PakdaKid

#Spotify – PostRain Broke X Produced by PakdaKid

#Amazon – PostRain Broke X Produced By PakdaKid

@PostRainTheLegend #IG

@PostRainOnaHoe #Twitter






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