KD vs. Westbrook III

   T H U N D E R    S T R U C K 

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WOW! If last nights game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the visiting Golden State Warriors didn’t live up to the expected hype, i guess you don’t enjoy quality basketball being played in front of you. Now granted the game did end up being widely lopsided with the Warriors coming away with a DOMINANT 130-114 win, it was the mini stories within this game that provided the full entertainment.

Returning to OKC for the first time since his summers “decision” to join the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant took the necessary measures needed to make sure his return to the Chesapeake Energy Arena would go as smoothly as possible. Durant beefed up his security detail to make sure nothing out he ordinary would happen in his return to OKC but we would all find out that it was on the court where things would escalate quite a bit. 

Coming into the game Durant has arguably had his two best games of the season against his former team where’s he’s posted 40pts /12rb/4aone game and then next 39pts/7rbs/1a. So it’s safe to say coming into the game Durant would be looking to insert his dominance and showcase why he was a former MVP during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although off to a rocky start Durant would soon settle his nerves and show why he’s a top 5 talent in the league despite the heavy down pours of boos each time he touched the ball.

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Once settled down into the game Durant would soon show why he decided to leave OKC for the Warriors.. the unselfish passes and constant communication between the Warriors gives Durant the perfect platform to display his skills more. In this system Durant is able to find better and easier shots while becoming more effective than he’s ever been with OKC. Durant was able to finish the game with a stat line of 34pts/12rbs/3a while Westbrook did finish with another league leading triple double it wasn’t the prettiest. Westbrook would end the game with a game high 47pts/11rbs/8a and a whooping 11 turnovers. Not the healthiest triple double.. but another one none the less.

The defining moment to cap this game off was arguably with Durant’s last position before being taken out the rest of the game. At the top of the key on the left wing by the hash mark,  Durant sized up Westbrook as he let go a deep 3 from what seems to be a layup for Warrior shooters at this point in the season. As he nailed the shot in Westbrook’s face, Durant took a moment to stare down Russell and his former bench one last time.  On the night guarding Westbrook , Durant was able to hold him (according to ESPN Stats & Information) to a mere 2-of-5 shooting going for eight points and committed one turnover on the seven plays Durant was matched up against him. It’s safe to say not only did Durant take the clean sweep this season in games against his former team.. he has also taking a dominant lead in what seems to be a great rivalry of old teammates in the years to come.

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