Before we begin… let’s take a moment to bow our heads in silence, as we give respect where it’s needed, deserved, and missed… Ladies & gentlemen this has been the first year in over 18 years since Kobe has been out of an all-star game or all star weekend… You can CLEARLY see that his star power was missed.


Now your probably wonder , how can Kobe be missed with the amount of stars around in NOLA this weekend.. well look no further than the 3 point & dunk contest. See as two of the main secondary attractions to All Star weekend besides the game itself, these two competitions are what helps kick off the festivities for the weekend. NOT this year..  Bryant first entered the dunk contest in 97′ where he easily wowed judges with his speed, vertical and impressive dunks. Now compare that to this years dunk contest and you’ll have yourself wondering why was this even part of All Star weekend.

This years event seen the likes of a big man in Deandre Jordan, the guard out of Indiana in Glenn Robinson III, Suns forward Derrick Jones Jr, and last years runner-up Magic forward Aaron Gordon (realistically defending champ). Let’s face it guys, this event was a buzz kill from beginning to end, although there were some glimpses of hope it was still hard to stomach that this is what the dunk contest has reverted back to after last years amazing stand out.

Glenn Robinson wasn’t always spectacular, but his steady performance earned him the honor of dunk champion as he did earn a pair of 50 point dunks. Every bit as spectacular as Robinson at his best Derrick Jones too earned a pair of 50s — Jones had to settle for second place because of his inability to make his first dunk of the final round, when he tried to jump over three people and windmill the ball through the hoop. Deandre Jordan… guys let’s just say if he had somebody throwing him lobs, he might have put on a better show because that’s when he seems to be at his best… CATCHING LOBS!! DJ’s inability to catch much hang time left him of earning the top dunker on this night. Then you have last years runner-up Aaron Gordon, after the dunks he dazzled us with last year it was a no brainer he was picked to win it all this year. Gordon got creative, taking the prop trend to an extreme by having a drone “pass” the basketball to him for a windmill, but it took him four tries to complete the dunk. By that point, the magic — no pun intended — was lost.


Gordon went on to miss all three tries at a 360 between the legs attempt and finish the competition with the lowest score out of all participants.


This will definitely go down in the books as one of the most lousiest dunk contests aired. In all honesty if they want this to be great again the NBA has to step it up. 1) Bring in more competitors whose gonna put a show on and cut down on the number of attempts per person. 2) Cut deciding a winner on averages, what happened to the good ole days where you tally up your score from the first round till the end to see who the winner is ? 3) BIGGER names, although the past years dunkers such as Lebron & others have shied away from the event, let’s face as a fan of the NBA you want to see your favorite big name dunkers compete and show off. Mr. Adam Sliver please please please do us all justice & find a way to make this event great again! 🙏🏽🤷🏽‍♂️

Feb 18, 2017; New Orleans, LA, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Glenn Robinson III (40) Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Stay Legendary

Dwiizzy The L3gend

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