Chance The Legendary Rapper

Breaking barriers for independent artist that was almost unheard. Chance The Rapper becomes the 1st Artist ever to win a Grammy from streams alone with the Album “Coloring Book”
Chance the 3 Time Grammy winner for best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance Best New Artist truly an inspiration for all aspiring artist who feel the need for a label to be great in the music Industry.
Chance The Legend
Chance had a Legendary year as the 1st independent artist 2 perform on Saturday Night Live TWICE!! Major success even turning down a Ten million dollar deal numerous times. Chance the Rapper back in the studio cooking up some new music. Is that Future we hear on this hook? 2 Legends 2017 Chance The Rapper ready to pick up where he left off..
Check The Vids Below

Now That’s Legendary !


5 thoughts on “New Music Chance The Rapper

    1. He Really Is Dope And Gives Hope for The New Generation… My Favorite would Have to Be “Blessings” I Felt Every Word on it… and Honestly “No Problem” The Beat Lyrics and features Perfect… Definitely needs a Remix.. and Especially the Importance of the Meaning behind the Song Grabs U Profoundly… thx 4 the Comment Please Sign up for Email 💚 Stay #Legendary


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