With a plethora of new artists jumping on the seen left and right it’s only right that the Bronx’s own Lord Faded finally stepped from behind the computer & showed us the man behind the music.


T Faded Pharaoh


Coming straight out of the Bronx on the Uptown side known as Little Jamaica, known to be one half of Baychester’s Finest, Lord Faded is one whose always been in touch with music. This can date back to him self teaching himself how to play various instruments and use different computer programs. Or even when he’s spent countless hours working with other independent artist from producing tracks, ghost writing & even scheduling performances for them, setting up a self built studio inside his own room, The Faded Pharaoh has always dabbled in the music scene.

T Faded’s music is something that he holds close to him because it’s not something you’ll hear from your average NY artist or rapper in general.  What makes Faded’s music different from his peers today is the level of inspiration he draws from random artist in the industry such as his favorite CLASSIC Kush & OJ Wiz Khalifa . If you take a listen to his latest single Free Fallen, you can see how he’s able to play around with his sound and make his music stand out away from the mumble rap and melodic songs you hear on the radio today. He’s able to slow the pace and speak to you while you get a visual sense of what he sees through his smoked filled eyes.

Want him to switch the pace & flow. Then look no further than too his 2nd single ft Tweezaleo & Rojo called Can I. Here Lord Faded demonstrates one of his many talents and something that’s taking over the game recently, the power to write an infectious hook. From these two joints alone you see Faded doesn’t follow the set trend when it comes to today’s music. He’s here to not only represent his borough and finally put Uptown on the map, but he’s here to stay and looking to leave an imprint on the game. I have a good feeling about this one people, so make sure to keep an eye out for Lord Faded as I’m positive this won’t be the last we hear from him.

To stay update with Lord Faded & everything he has going on don’t hesitate to follow him on all social media platforms listed:

IG/SoundCloud : @LordFaded   Twitter: @FadedPharaoh



Dwiizzy The L3gend

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