Looks like Migos caught Sean Kingston lacking in Las Vegas. The 2 haven’t really been beefing but Sean Kingston is very close with “Big Soulja” who had some words for Quavo Head Honcho of the Migos . Everything seemed to be cool as seen in a video below hug & smiles, wonder what got Sean Kingston Smoked in the Hotbox!


Legendary Network 1st got word of this info from young Legends like yourself. Twitter went bonkers non-stop jokes and heartfelt messages. The Game actually sort of confirmed it in a petty way posting his view on won the fight IF That! Lol … Check Him & Some other #BlackTwitter

The Game’s Instagram


Now Kingston who recovered from a life altering accident years ago has been really going thru it lately in the news for all the wrong reasons. Legends Home & Abroad Let Us Pray For Sean Kingston. Migos Lets Try To Keep It On The North lol





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