“…All you need to do is help one person expecting nothing in return, to me that is a Humanitarian.” Those were the gracious words of Rihanna as she humbly accepted the 2017 Havard Humanitarian of the year Award on Tuesday in Cambridge, Mass. ***Yass, ole girl done made it to Harvard y’all.

This is definitely another LEGENDARY move for our Caribbean pop icon as she joins the likes of some of the greatest such as Lionel Richie, Ruby Dee, James Earl Jones and Queen Noor of Jordan just to name a few. Not to mention she is the first female singer to receive the prestigious award.


Rihanna spoke so passionately about her dreams of helping others ever since she was around five or six years old when she would see the commercials of children suffering all over the world. She then ultimately made it happen at age 18, two years after jump-starting her music career starting here first charity the “BELIEVE” foundation which strives to help critically ill children. A few years later established the Clara Lionel foundation in honor of her grandparents and in memory of her Grandmother who passed away from Cancer. The Lionel foundation has brought the well-needed radiotherapy equipment for the oncology unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados. RiRi also launched the Global Scholarship Program through the foundation that assists residents from all over the Caribbean Diaspora and even the United States to go to college. The number of charities that has had a touch of Rihanna are too many to list but people of especially the Caribbean are forever thankful to her.   


Rihanna Vita Coco Shoot


We have seen our girl over the years using her influence to advocate for all people to gain access to better education and health-care.  Her speech was soulful as well as motivational she reminded us that we didn’t have to be rich to give a helping hand towards our neighbors. No, it’s not as hard as we make it seem. “ You don’t have to be rich to help somebody. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t even have to be college educated…” She trailed off to remind us of what our purpose as human beings are; and she couldn’t have said it in any better way: “You just do whatever you can in any way you can.”

What makes a LEGEND?  A person who pushes for change and tries to make a difference with whatever resources they might have that’s my personal inclination. So today I think you would agree with me in crowning Robyn Rihanna Fenty a Legend! Let’s all take a page out of her book and be legends in our own rights and help our brothers and sisters where possible. Remember, “if you have a dollar, you have enough to share”- Rihanna.



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