A S I A  F R O M  N E W Y O R K

This lovely Legend has uplifted the Youtube community. Ms. Asia From New York only 21 years old started doing vlogs of natural hair cleanses, and tutorials on how to achieve some of the most popular looks in the natural hair community. Her Videos give you a step by step guide on styles such as twist outs, 3 strand twist outs, flat twists, braid outs & rod sets. Many more styles also these same steps can be taken for those with relaxed hair to give your hair a break from constant heat or perms that causes so much damage.

Asia From New NY
Asia From New York

Asia really captivated her viewers by just her genuine knowledge and great peer-to-peer concept with her subscribers. Now she’s not only a hairstylist also an artist sketching beautiful artwork, aspiring model, fashion goddess, makeup, teaching & the greatest thing of all a “Mom”. Truly a phenomenal woman. A great necessity to your timeline always some good source of information. She has also done videos for children and toddlers showing great hair washing routines for naturals and her relaxed hair and wigs tutorials will be dropping very soon Look Out Legends!

Check Out Some Videos Below and Begin Your Guide to Perfection!


Subscribe Today !!! Click ** Youtube.Com/AsiaFromNewYork **

@AsiaFromNewYork Instagram

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