“Casanova” Brooklyn Street Legend

Overcoming numerous jail sentences Casonova receiving tremendous buzz for his 1st single “Don’t Run” aggressive street anthem about attempt robberies gone bad. Working hard behind doors was Brooklyn Podcaster “Tax Stone” who helped Cas ink a deal with Jay Z’s #RocNation Music Group.

Tax Stone recently incarcerated fighting charges we don’t speak about on this site but #FreeTax… Casonova released the 1st single to the mixtape titled “Tax Letter” . Song is so refreshing for the music lovers no gimmicks just good lyrics and facts. #Loyalty ! The whole mixtape gives u that raw, new revamped 90’s vibe kind of like a new school DMX. 11 Songs, great beats from producers such as GQ Beats, Jahlil Beats, Heatmakers & even a Chris Brown feature.

Casanova The Legend #BK

Showing so much respect for his right hand Tax by using his catch phrase for the title of his debut mixtape “Be Safe Tho” is big and genuine. Something that being a Legend Is all about “Authenticity”. Rappers in the game always vouched for Cas. Recently Harlem Legend Asap Rocky spoke about running into The Big Goon Casanova during a short jail Stent on Rivers Island .. All Love tho Watch about that story here Below from #RapRadar

Gotta Respect Dat & Rocky for even opening up about that #RealTalk #NY.

The Tape Is dope gritty lyrics classic vibe a lot of energy definitely looking forward 2 more music from him stay tuned .. #Download or #Stream the Tape Below Legends


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