So the show that we’ve all been waiting for “Love and Hip Hop ATL” is finally here baby.


You already know Mona Scott is making sure that ATL brings that legendary drama that its known for. We open up the show with Ms.Joseline doing a photo shoot. Shes pregnant and claiming Stevie is the dad. Stevie J’s been basically saying that the baby isn’t his. The Puerto Rican Princess serves him with court documents stating that Stevie needs to go to court for a paternity test; handed one out to miss Tommie too, scrappys crazy ex. ♀♀ Tommie basically goes to Stevie J to ask him for advice on how to handle this whole Jocelyn situation because Tommie is just sick and tired of going back and forth to jail.

Tommie, Joseline, Stevie J
 We can’t forget about Miss Karlie Redd who we see is spending a little bit more time with her old fling Yung Joc. Scrappy and The Bam are beefing, so they might not be getting married. Joseline decides to throw a party to make a special announcement and Young Dro is her date. Karlie redd shows up to spy on Joc. Unfortunately she meets a young lady by the name of Jasmine, Kirk Frosts new baby mother.
Kirk , Rasheeda, Jasmine 


Stevie J has a new roommate, his Daughter! who all of a sudden decides to drop out of high school and finish online. We are also introduced to Tommie’s mother who has her own drinking problem. Tommie is basically thrown in prison over the entire Jocelyn situation.
When Tommie comes home from jail (she’s in jail for about 24 hours) she comes home and her mom is there watching her grandkids and the mother tells the bondsman to “lock her back up” “take her back to jail”!! Their situation is very toxic. Mama D is still complaining about Ernest not making any money and not doing what he supposed to be doing. Lol We also find out that Mimi is still a lesbian. Rasheeda finally confronts Kirk after her and Karlie Redd shared a very emotional lunch together. Jasmine has videos and receipts so i cant wait to hear what Kirk has to say.
 If there’s one thing for sure and two things for certain Love and Hip Hop ATL Is Back Honey and the drama this season of course will be legendary. The one thing that everybody is talking about is this Kirk Frost break baby, love child or whatever you want to call it. That’s a big story line this season so stay tuned and get ready because honey you already know Mona Scott is going to bring that drama!!
Check out This Season’s Promo Video Below
-Tina E

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