Chapter 3 In the Heart of #RatchetTV #LHH

This episode of love and hip hop atl was good. We start out where we left off, Rasheeda confronting Kirk about this baby he supposedly has with Jasmine. Kirk admits to sleeping with Jasmine because he was drunk. Rasheeda immediately kicks him out to refrain from giving him a legendary beat down. Tommie and Tammy are good friends and Tammy ends up inviting Tommie to a fashion show hosted by Ariane. While at the show Tommie makes a mend with sexy ass Jessica Dyme and she tries to hug it out with Karlie but things go left and Tommie eventually ends up walking away but not before saying that she will get revenge on Karlie. It’s not easy forgiving a woman after she stole your man away.
Bout a Week Ago lol
We then see Jasmine in bed with her boyfriend Rod (Mimi’s ex) and her girlfriend Keanna. Jasmine and Keanna are basically sister wives sharing Rod. Jasmine is just full of surprises *side eye*. Eventually the women convince Rod to meet up with MiMi because they’re ready to discuss Jasmines baby and put away with rumors that Rod is a con artist. The meeting doesn’t go too well and Mimi walks away still not knowing for sure if Kirk is Jasmine’s baby’s father. Tommie and Jessica Dyme agree to go on a  double date. Tommie shows up with none other than Young Joc, Karlies ex. The episode ends with Tammy and Rasheeda sharing an emotional moment. Rasheeda is completely distraught. Tammy can definitely relate since Waka is trying his hardest to win her heart back and get back home with her and her daughter. Next week will continue to bring that drama. Mona Scott never disappoints !!!


Hot Tea! 🐸☕

Season 6 Episode 3

-Tina E The Legend

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