Love & Hip Hop Atl Season 6

Babyyyy Love and Hip Hop ATL brought it this week. We start where we left off at, om this bootylicious double date between Jessica Dyme, Alexis Skyy, Tommie and Young Joc. Tommie throws her legendary boobies in Jocs face a couple times because this is after all a plot to get even with Karlie Redd. Karlie Redd is doing more messy shit. She meets up with Jasmine and sees the baby, Kamron. The babies name starts with a K because all of Kirks babies names start with a K. *side fu**in eye*. So anyway, Karlie Redd says that she believes the baby looks like Kirk. I had a good look at that baby on my 60″ and I don’t see it. Not even a little bit. Jasmine does state that’s interested in getting a paternity test so hopefully all of this hoe’say I mean hear say will be put to rest.


We’re also introduced to 3 new casts members. Seirra, who is the owner of the Glam Shop in ATL. Mariah, her employee/friend and Lovely Mimi, a Korean nail stylist that is full of life. Sierra seems really stiff and Mariah is still young and finds Mimi fun as well. Plus Mimi is Instagram famous so Mariah wants Sierra to keep Mimi at the shop. They end up going out to a party and Sierra insults Mimi so Mimi in return tells her she quits and then jumps in her face. Its a huge mess. I honestly like Mimi. She’s different cute and her ass is nice and fat!
Joc confesses to Karlie Redd that he also slept with Jasmine and that the baby might be his. Joc does have like 67 kids so this could be true. We’ll just have to wait and see.
– Tina E The Legend

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