Legendary Rapper Cam’ron Clowning Ex-Affiliate Murder Ma$e

Dipset President Cam’ron usually gives us some good entertainment on his Instagram Live Feed @Mr_Camron. Looks like Cam is in Englewood, NJ at one of NYC’s most exclusive high-end fashion stores “Via Di La Scala” recently moved from 125th St. in Harlem. Happy Birthday to the Mrs. JuJu, Camrons Wife original 1st Lady. Cam Seems to be dropping Hella Bands on JuJu as she’s shown in the background trying on tons of outfits. Cam keeping us entertained showing different lines of fashion the store has to offer, flirting with employees, & oh yea cracking jokes on Paster Ma$e. LOL

Masen Betha

Now Killa Cam is not being too egregious or saying that Mase is not genuine in his works for the Lord. Cam is jus Being Cam speaking his mind. He finds it kind of funny that The once rapper Murder Ma$e who once on tour walked away from a group pray years ago led by DMX. Camron says Mase had some real problems going in his home neighborhood of Harlem USA. In which he was forced to leave and “Flee” (lol) down south because of threats back home none of to do with Camron himself; just calling it how he saw it. Dozens of Other things Cam touched on Watch The Link Below HBD JuJu The Legend!



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