LHHATL Season 6 Episode 5

Alright y’all , so Love and Hip Hop ATL episode 5 was filled with the Legendary drama this week as usual. The meeting between the fake ass creep Squad, Kirk telling all the guys that he might have a baby it’s like him basically admitting that baby is his. Of course Yung Joc has to admit that that baby might be his too, it’s like joc how many kids are ready he’s on number like 12. Then you have this whole Shooter, Sierra and her assistant Mariah love triangle going on it just brings me back to Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline in season one. Mona loves herself a threesome honey. I mean if you couldn’t see from the other episodes that Mariah was f****** Shooter I don’t know what season you been watching cuz it was so obvious that she was having relations with her boss’s man. But the fact that Shooter is even paying this stupid chick to keep a secret that is being recorded it’s just like Mona you got to do better with these skits. (Mariah maybe smarter than we think LoL) Also we have Treasure P & Tommie with the drama you already know Tommie was not about to play that low comment from last episodes of Tommie definitely got in Treasure P you Know What. I don’t blame her for that if a chick call me low I’m getting it at a store. Joseline Hernandez trying to do this woman empowerment photo shoot with all the rest of the ladies that she’s fought, sexed, spit on, tossed money at , it’s a Legendary joke!! Joseline please. another big joke is Jasmine getting mad that Karlie Redd was being messy please. You already know Karlie Redd is a messy type of female and you was right there when she took that picture of your son so don’t act surprised like seriously. I can’t wait until next week cuz I want to see what’s going to go down between Rod and Yung Joc and his baby mother Cena and I want to know what’s going to happen when she ever find out that her husband has been sleeping with her assistant see yall next week.

Check Full Episode Below

– Tina E The Legend

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