Bronx Legend Cardi B putting on a lyrical exhibition; letting the rap game know she’s here Foreverrr!

From the Strip club to the Tv Screen on Vh1’s Love & HipHop New York Cardi B is coming for everything they said she couldn’t have. Dropping her second mixtape “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol.2 , the extragavant female Emcee exposing her hardships through the music which is naturally straight fire no-debating. She has a flow, lyrics, bars, topics and of course shock value; coming with the whole package. Its Time New York put some “Respeck” on her name. Also with the crown up for grabs in-light of Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma recent battle , Cardi giving us a breath of fresh air.

Check Out Her New Video “Red Barz” And also her New Mixtape “GBM 2”



@IAmCardiB #IG & #Twitter




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