S. Carter also known as Jay Z has made a grandiose statement


The statement Jay Z is making is; F**k you, Pay Me! Horvitz removing all of his solo albums from Spotify and Apple Music. There is no doubt Hova is trying to pressure many of his fans to subscribe to TIDAL, the Streaming service that he owns through his company Project Panther Bidco Ltd. Fun fact is if that if he pays himself the same as the artists that are exclusively on Tidal he wont get as much money as he would by offering his music on Apple and Spotify.

Spotify Owner “Daniel EK”

Now Listen…

TIDAL reportedly pays the artist .0070 cents per stream.That is 7x more than Spotify’s .0011 cents and only a bit more than Apple Music’s .0056 cents per stream. With that in mind Apple and Spotify has significantly more users TIDAL. So if your music is hopping off the stove you’d want to cash in on Apple musics 20 million subscribers and/or Spotify’s 100 million subscribers before signing up for TIDAL’s 1.1 Million subscribers.

According to Fortune the amount of TIDAL subscribers may have been fraudulently inflated to 3 million while paying record labels for 1.1 million subscribers.

It’s either they are inflating their numbers to make it seem like they are doing better than they are or lying to record labels so they can avoid paying them. Both tactics would be approved by Donald Trump.

One other reason why Jigga Man pulled his music from Spotify is because of the agreement Spotify entered with Universal Music Group. According to Reuters ,UMG and Spotify entered a deal that allows Spotify’s premiere subscribers to obtain exclusive access to future released albums from artists like Taylor Swift, Adele, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and more two weeks prior to the albums actual release date. In return UMG will have access to data that Spotify collects from their users and streaming data. Data like that can be used to move mountains in the music business. Especially when they have subscribers equal to 1/3 of the U.S population.

“Rap mags tryin use my black ass, so advertise can give them more cash for ads fuckaz” – 99 Problems, Jay-Z

Jay Z seems not to want any data that may include anything in his catalog to be used to obtain money that he wont be able to tap into.

*LegendVault* 2 Years Ago Jay Z TIDAL Freestyle Check Below

-Alex_Tayo The Legend

*EditorsNote – Jay z allowed few of his solo albums back on Apple Music and Spotify 

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