MVP!?! MVP!?! MVP!?! MVP!?!

Let me start things off by saying.. CONGRATULATIONS to Russell Westbrook on doing something that NOBODY & I mean NOBODY, not in the NBA nor outside of it thought would be done this year. We all knew Brodie would come into this year with a chip on his shoulder after Kevin Durant taking flight to Golden State during the offseason. It was argued Russell would put on dominating MVP like numbers to start the season BUT… numbers that rivaled the great Oscar Robertson!?

Let alone numbers that were GREATER than the Big O himself… ladies & gentlemen Russell Westbrook is our 2016-2017 NBA MVP!!

Russell Westbrook The Legend


Brodie arguably played one of his best games of the season last night to cap off an astonishing night in which is officially passed Oscar Robertson for the title as NBA new Triple Double King. Westbrook clinched his NBA record 42nd triple double of the year last night in Denver against the Nuggets in “Brodie” like fashion. With 2.9 secs left on the game with he Nuggets up, WHY NOT!? 🤷🏽‍♂️ give the ball to Westbrook! He’s just gonna heave a 36 foot 3 pointer that hits all net to win the game for the Thunder either way right. Well that’s exactly right and it showed exactly why Westbrook should be the case for this years MVP.

Last night Westbrook finished the game with 50 points 16 rebounds 10 assists and not only did he record the 42nd triple double of the season to set the record, he did so while nailing a game winning shot and eliminating the Denver Nuggets out of playoff contention. Going into Sunday nights game the Thunder have finished 33-9 when Westbrook drops a triple double. When he’s on point like this, the Thunder fire on all cylinders and help boost Westbrook overall game.

Although Brodie may not win the NBA Championship this year with his Thunder, he surely set out and showed us ALL this year what he can and can’t do since the departure of Kevin Durant. The Thunder are Westbrook and Westbrook is the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s showed us history by averaging out a complete triple double during the entire season. But with the Houston Rockets being the Thunders first round opponents during the playoffs.. we get to see the arguably top two guards go head to head not only for a win to go on in the playoffs, BUT who is the MVP of the season.




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