So, the tease for the ‘No Frauds’ video is over! Yes the video is here, and it’s not lacking with new drama and tea. Just when we thought it was all chill and cool here comes Nicki being all messy again. So the video starts with true Nicki style. You know, fire and unique wardrobe that only Nicki can pull off #DOPE showing synopses of locations around London. Nicki was sitting in her throne as if she was claiming her kingdom that Remy Ma took with #Shether. And let’s just say the shade in the video had our girl snatching that crown back, it isn’t even about the lyrics anymore.

Let’s just get to the hot topic that has everyone talking! So Remy Ma’s best friend Rah Ali made her brief appearance in the video pretty much confirming her allegiance to the “No Frauds” side in the feud. Can we scream SHADY???! That is definitely one disloyal move. I mean Rah, you were one of Remy’s bridesmaid for crying out loud. Was the pay out that good to be a snake to your friend?

Rah Ali On The Set of Nicki’s New Video

Obviously, I’m not the only one hollering shady and fake at Rah but others such as Premadonna and Tommie shared their 2 cents on the disloyalty as well #CheckInstagram.

I guess Papoose was right all along- you should have listened Remy. I really just can’t with these so called friends!!


On the other hand dope video, with some sick ass visuals and fashion. It featured fellow young money moguls Lil Wayne and Drake as “No Frauds” marked the team’s first collab in three years. Drake even brought his dancehall counter-part Popcaan along to join in the shade- now that’s loyalty (take notes Rah).

Can’t wait to see what transpires out of this, but don’t worry we’ll definitely keep you posted!  



Money well spent if I must add, right Rah?


-EditorsNote “Rah Ali Claims Her And Remy Ma’s friendship Ended Months Ago.. Due to differences Remy Ma had with a Makeup Artist.. Justified Or Not ? .. Let’s Us Know Legends


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