LEGENDS, let’s talk about a fierce, smart black woman

She’s creating a brand and making a mark for herself in a distinctive way. Coming from humble beginnings and raised here in #NYC we have the star of VH1’s number 1 hit show Basketball Wives- Tami Roman. Yes, you guessed it!


Tami Roman The Legend



So can we dig into just how awesome and how much of an inspiration she is to us as women? A mother of two, television personality, a comedian, an actress, model and a successful entrepreneur are some of the ***bonnets that Tami currently wears. Tami’s life experiences have thought her to be independent, humble and appreciative of life. This outlook she has on life has assisted her tremendously in her career, one that she has held down for over 2 decades. #CheckHerCareerRapSheet

We recently came across an interview with Tami speaking on the breakfast club and her passion to be great inspired us. I am sure we have all seen at least one of her bonnet chronicles on social media and cracked up with laughter (If not go check her out) #Hilarious. These videos are not just entertaining but address real life issues in a comical way. The response from the masses has pushed Tami to now release the inner comedic side and start her own comedy tour which has been nothing less than a success with multiple sold out shows with an intense reception from her audience. Mind you, all this is being done while she’s filming for Basketball wives, being a mother #ABombAssOne, running a hair and T-Shirt line and being the head of many other endeavors.

This brown-eyed beauty may have come off to many as tough, blunt, and selfish but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. After watching her and taking a look at her reverence for God and life and then see all the affluences that have germinated because her hands were in it have made her a #GOAL. Yes, she is a role model- a true definition of “Started from the bottom but became LEGENDARY.”

Don’t sleep on my girl Tami, she’s here to grab all that life has to offer!  


Tami Legend
Tami on her comedy tour in Oakland, CA.

Be sure to check her current comedy tour out, watch her on VH1 Basketball Wives and grab a Bonnet Chronicles Bonnet to show your support!

Follow her on IG and Youtube: Tami Roman


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