Frank ocean has silently released 3 new tracks this year and no one knew!

In spring 2016 people were starting to take notice that Frank ain’t released an album since his critically acclaimed master piece Channel Orange.

Toward the end of that same summer Franky dropped a bomb on us with his visual album Endless. The visual album sounded more like his experimental throw away songs than an actual visual album on par with Beyonce’s Lemonade or any juggernaut artist that chose to go that route.

Then not long after that he dropped Blonde and blew our minds. 

Now Mr. Ocean has dropped 3 new feel good thought provoking tracks this year.

Lens, Chanel, and Biking.

Guaranteed to tear up the summer. This can almost certainly precede a 2017 summer album by the Melody King. Check the songs out on Apple Music and Spotify. And let us know what you think.

Alex_Tayo the Legend

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