Oh Shiiit!! So Dancehall is all heated again,

bringing back those good ole memories, Yessir! Masicka, the Genahsyde DJ took it upon himself to take on dancehall’s current greatest, with the exception of the gaza camp (Why though Masicka, you fraida di teacha and popcaan? Or yuh doh wah play wid di ants nest of the gaza fans?). But yea, Masicka decided to drop a diss record recently called ‘Squeeze’ which I assume was in response to Aidonia’s ‘Banga’ single. The streets have been hissing that ‘Banga’ was for Masicka but Aidonia hasn’t confirmed nor denied that it was. I think Masicka’s long standing beef with Aidonia has been one-sided since the J.O.P king has failed to give him the time of day; probably Aidonia didn’t see Masicka to be one of his caliber but with these grimy, raw lyrics from ‘Squeeze’- I think he has earned himself a response.

A few days ago, Aidonia also dropped a single called ‘Krazy’, many are calling it another diss record for Masicka but once again Aidonia refuse to confirm a lyrical war.

Masicka also didn’t fail to come for the Vendetta King- Alkaline (I mean everyone in Dancehall has since lately) and Gully God- Movado. Taking shots at them during his performance In Antigua recently and calling Movado a “fake dread weh kiss ass” in his new single. LOL (I love the Gully God, but I totally agree with Masicka on this one, “Yuh kiss ass fi true Movado”).

We haven’t had a confirmed response to Masicka yet, but after this spicy diss track I am hoping to hear something from one of these DJ’s. I’m here and ready for it, I mean this is going to be a LEGENDARY feud!!! It’s between Dancehall’s top artists at the moment. I’m excited for the drama, just keep it safe, clean and straight lyrical guys!

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