It’s only right that we give this young lady her own feature as she is owning Dancehall- taking it by storm!

Yes, this raunchy female sensation is making the news over and over again with her venereal, well thought out lyrics.

She refers to herself as Ms. LEGENDARY on Instagram and just dropped a remix to Ed Sheeran’s- ‘Shape of You’ called ‘Equal Rights’. This song has been receiving a lot of ‘forward’ from most females but also a lot of major backlash from the music fraternity which as we all know is dominated by males. Can we say HYPOCRISY for that backlash that she’s receiving? She can be deemed as a strong feminist fighting for literal equal rights in the music industry and has worked extra hard, harder than her male counterparts to stay in the limelight. There is no reason for her to be judged this harshly when artists like Gage, Alkaline and Vybz Kartel stay singing songs of the same merit but are viewed as Gennas and real Don-Ga-Gons. Don’t you think women have the same sentiment as men?

By now you probably figured out who this article is about and if you haven’t it’s obvious you’re missing out on some serious music and you need to get that playlist in line. Yes, it’s about Ishawna. I for one think the song and all her songs are impressive and tweak your sexual curiosity. I am for it, and obviously, I am not the only one who feels the same way as she got a $2500 USD (250 000 JMD) ‘pull up’ in a party a few nights ago #PullUpSelector. Yes, the women out her like myself are here for equal rights not only in our professional, everyday lives but in the bedroom as well and this is what Ishawna endorses. So to my ladies, go make an Ishawna playlist, you will not only feel liberated and motivated to be a better woman but also motivated to please your man, expecting the same in return. This is totally all opinionated and definitely up for a debate or discussion but I know dozens of modern day, GROWN women (like myself) who will agree with Ishawna’s stance. Yes, her music is for GROWN folks!


Ishawna performing at Sting in Jamaica.


Men, it’s either you get with it or you don’t get any, it’s as equal and simple as that.

Ladies, in the mean time, drink up yuh pineapple juice (it good fi di pum pum) and here are some songs from my playlist that I love and think you should add to yours:

Equal Rights


Everybody Need Someone

Do Di Tings

Big Boy

Ooh La La

Let me know what you think Legends, you agree with ‘Equal Rights’ in the bedroom or Nah?

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