Tracy Morgan The Legend is Back!


Legend comedian giving us all a laugh after his tragic accident back in 2014 that left him severely injured. Tracy Morgan was hit by a Wal-Mart truck traveling with fellow comedian and friend James “Jimmy Mack” Mcnair who was killed on impact. In good spirits just three years removed from the bright lights the Saturday Night Live veteran is ready to #TalkAboutIt!

Tracy Morgan In Brooklyn Eats His Pizza 2 Slices @ a Time 😂

The hour-long special entitled “Staying Alive” LOL off the back Tracy comes out on stage disco style and says “We can get straight to it everybody knows I got hit by that f**kin’ Wal-Mart truck!” This guy is raw on this one. Reminds me of a Martin Lawrence in “Run Tell Dat”. He gets in-depth with family issues, celebrity reunions in heaven and many other things that went on during his 2 years of recovery. It’s definitely a blessing to see someone overcome such tragic, prevail and be so open about the topic. However as Tracy would say ; “That Wal-Mart check made it jus little bit easier” 👌🏾 Its good to see Tracy Morgan back in comedy. The Legend Original Hustle Man Of Martin.

Tracy Morgan “Staying Alive” Streaming Now On #Netflix


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