The upcoming tenth studio album for DJ Khaled is scheduled to be released this year (2017) with young Asahd Khaled being executive producer. #WeSeeYouHustlingAsahd.
Since the beginning of the year, DJ Khaled has been going off about how epic this album will be but still keeping the juicy details of his album top secret. We have no doubt that the BLESSED one will drop anything less than LEGENDARY as we have been witnesses to his past and current works. He has left a mark on everything he does with his sound, vibe, and unique repute.
We know this album will be one of the greatest because of all the dope talents that we have seen Khaled recruit for it so far- some of the biggest headlines and vocals in music from all different genres. In February we saw him drop the polished single “Shining” from Beyoncé and Jay Z and it has been a hit. It is on my “Go to work” playlist and I bump to it in my car while in traffic to mentally prepare for the day #ThanksKhaledForThatOne
Cover for the single- “Shining”
Here is what we know about the “GRATEFUL” album so far:
We know he has gotten the vocals from the OVO king drake as the Snapchat personality spent weeks on the same platform calling out to Drake to come bless his album.
We’ve seen on IG that Khaled has secured the hooks and verses from Jermih, Travis Scott and Future Hendrix. And currently holding the number three spot on the Billboard top 100 with “I’m the one” with the voices of Justin Bieber, Quavo, Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper.
With each and every one of these artists very much involved in the making of this epic album
He didn’t forget to add some estrogen to the album as he sought the talents of the arguable queen of rap Nicki Minaj, the two have frequently collaborated over the years and have earned a lot of success together so I know it was a quick yes from the Pink Barb.
He was also able to seize the vocal range of the very talented Mariah Carey. #CanWeScreamEpic
Khaled has also tapped in his passion for Jamaica and his love for reggae music as he has added Asahd’s dubbed ‘God Father’- Sizzla to the album as well.  We recently saw Khaled on his and Asahd’s recent trip to the Island, traveling with Sizzla and becoming one with nature while bringing his passion to life. We all know from watching Khaled’s snap that he is a low-key Jamaican on the inside.
I just can’t wait for all this sauce to drop!! We can smell all the vibe and dopeness. I mean its Khaled, but with all those named LEGENDARY artists on board so far it’s bound to be epic.

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