The refreshing, quiet R&B artist- Bryson Tiller dropped his sophomore album “True To Self” 6 days ago (May 26, 2017), a month earlier than the scheduled date.

I spent the last couple of days with the album on repeat just to find that one #Dope song that really grabs my attention, something that I can bellow for the next few weeks- you know that one song that actually speaks to you? Let’s just say my efforts were futile.


cover for bryson tiller's album
Cover For Bryson’s New Album- “True to Self”


I mean I love Bryson, his first album- “Trapsoul” was R&B’s redemption. I was here for the rap, trap and soul that he brought but those same elements became his biggest enemy in his recent album. That in addition to the fact that no one needs a 19 track album filled with interludes, intros, and outros. It was like listening to a play or skit going down. It just became dragging and point blank monotonous.

It was by the least disappointing because we all know the talent this man has up his sleeves. I can literally count on my one hand the songs worth listening to on the album and fans all over has mirrored the same views. There was a struggle with matching the bars to the right beat. I mean Tiller was spitting bars on some of the tracks but the rhythm and vibe behind it were lacking. No umph came off from production. I mean he was spitting real verses in “Before you Judge” but the assembly of beats and rhythm was lacking. It was just a big NO for me dawg, honestly. #DopeLyricsTho.

I think if Bryson had taken the time to drop a few singles and then make a more concentrated album it would have worked better in his favor. I see what he tried to do, he tried giving us authentic, old school R&B; a little Brandy mixed with a little Faith Evans with Boys to Men and Baby Face but he didn’t pull it off, it was just too much to enjoy and you got bored every other 2 minutes. I think even Bryson saw through his own foolery as there was little or no “Self Awareness” on this album. Probably just one or two songs, hence the reason I’m still trying to figure out the reason for that title.

All in all the album wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t #LEGENDARY. It was just an ok piece. Not one of Bryson’s Caliber. We know he has the ability to produce way better, we just needed that energy and vibe that he brought in “Trapsoul”. But to end on a good note, here are my favorites from the album:

Don’t Get Too High

Blowing Smoke

Self Made  

Run Me Dry

Before You Judge

If you want to catch Tiller perform, his ‘True to Self’ tour will kick off on June 23rd, 2017.

Tour Dates and Locations




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