Tammy Rivera- TV personality now turned singer dropped her soulful R&B ballad- “All These Kisses”  on the 12th of this month on the major streaming medias (Spotify, iTunes and tidal). The wife of Hip Hop artist Wacka Flocka Flame surprised us all with her 90’s inspired sound and smooth soft vocals. The single soared to the top of the iTunes R&B charts literally within a day of being dropped. #Epic I personally didn’t know Tammy could sing and was this musically inclined.


“All These Kisses” #! on Itunes Charts


The single is the first of many we assume and is produced by Rico Love and if we can all recall watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Tammy told her husband Wacka that she was going to put herself first and focus on herself and she did exactly so- making it obvious in this single. The single pretty much had Tammy singing about providing peace to her man after he faces the stresses of the world. Feeding him with love,  affection, and Kisses. This is what any strong woman aim to provide for their man- to be his peace in a stressful world! 


She sings:

“Day so hard, so much stress, life won’t let up, boy just rest, lay down and let me cover you in All These Kisses

So much on your mind away from your head, baby your worry free in this bed, go ahead and let me cover you in All these Kisses.”   

Listen below:

Definitely something I would say to my King after he conquers the world on a daily basis.  

But gon’ ahead Tammy, do your thing sis, we are definitely looking forward to hearing more from you!


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