Local Bronx rappers – Reesey Paid, Mula & Dave engage in lyrical warfare over the premiere “Young Buck$” beat. It’s obvious these soldiers are looking to avenge the pain of growing up in NYC Housing. Speaking truth so effortlessly, the raw lyrics combined with the dope instrumental literally will give you chills.

The song finds these young rappers showing no mercy, digging into their arsenal of real life lyrics making it an anthem for everyone as it speaks of the trials, tribulations, pain and passion also revealing what the streets are actually about- no apology for life!

Young Buck$ Legendary #Producer 🎹

The beat showed a relentless urgency as if to say “it’s our time!” A unique,  street-slick production and gave the single a respected hype.

This new single is far from generic and the result is practically maniacal in its delivery. It has you doing a quick introspection of society and leaves you in shock as you realize that this ain’t no joke, its actual word for word what goes down.

My hat is off and much respect is given to these young LEGENDS for using music as a medium to let their voices be heard and to express themselves. After the loss of their childhood friend= “Kino Browne,” a Lehman High school Senior who was tragically murdered nearly 6 years ago, these brothers have banded together creating change in the community. #ProjectPain is definitely top shelf talent and I am excited for what the future holds and the authentic music that we will be getting.

This is an example of what NY Rap and Hip Hop should sound like. This music takes me back to an appreciated place where one can actually compare their lives to the words. I am here for it!

Check Out Some More Legendary Music from these Artist & Stay Connected #BullyMusic #LiveCommittee 🗽

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 👉🏽 YoungBucks The Producer SoundCloud 👈🏽

👉🏽 Mula Gzz Soundcloud 👈🏽

👉🏽 Reesey Paid SoundCloud 👈🏽

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