Drake Officially Becomes “Mr. Billboard”

MORE CHUNEZ For Your Head Top So Watch How You Speak On His Name !!   Last night we all became witnesses first hand of the Drake effect. We all watched as Drizzy Drake Rodgers single-handedly took over the 2017 Billboard Music Awards by becoming the top artist, not just by winning that specific award 🥇. … Continue reading Drake Officially Becomes “Mr. Billboard”

The Legendary MTV Awards- 2017!!

Super-stars from large and small screens gathered on Sunday, May 7th 2017 to celebrate the newly re-branded MTV awards.   It was with a twist this year as it was MTV’s first venture in honoring both Movies and TV and from our LEGENDARY vintage point we declare it as a success.We even caught a very 'interesting' … Continue reading The Legendary MTV Awards- 2017!!